He was a very personable and polite young man, and I never met people more polite. In light of all our problems, I was told we could get a free shelf and a free towel bar. They are instructed by every level of management to make each sale a high pressure sale wrapped in a low pressure atmosphere. I will make another service call to see how far I get and how many calls I have to place to get service. Again nothing, followed by phone call after phone call to no avail. You, a better than average person, may approve of that cheap plastic crap. I sent pictures to them, but they couldn't verify that the tub was Bath Fitters (even though they did not question the enclosure, grab rails, corner storage or soap dish. An Ocala employee with more experience was called to fix their work - he took pics and video he fixed it best he could - now on to the master - he did do a decent job but the girl in the office NEVER followed up on getting the custom glass enclosure to finish the job. Thank you for all this info/ I just saw this their commercial yet again. I can't say enough about Josh. We are so glad to hear our team was able to complete everything to your satisfaction!! They told me it would be in the morning and it would take all day. So, we went with the acrylic all the way to the ceiling and then the frameless doors. The first two pictures are of the shower Bath Fitter installed. It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment based on your own personal circumstances and consult with your own investment, financial, tax and legal advisers. We hired Bath Fitters to complete a job for us in an apartment that we rent. 53 days after cashing our check, the installation was completed, HOWEVER, the bathtub still does NOT FIT properly, although better than the first tub attempted. We contacted Bath Fitters at the California State Fair. Me too!! Again, I understand things happen and understand waiting till the next day. My wife was afraid we couldn't afford a nice tile shower so we chose Bath Fitter thinking it would be cheaper. He told us someone would call and take care of these cracks. Have you contacted the location you worked with to do your remodel? We had 2 bathrooms done, one was a tub/shower to tub/shower and the other was a tub/shower to walk in shower. It’s only a four-inch thing and I just step in it. We apologize for your negative experience Dennis and we appreciate your feedback as it will help us improve in the future. He obviously has a passion for the business and did not stir us to more than what we were looking for. The issue was with faulty equipment and not Josh. Guess I am glad I did not go through with this, maybe, cause I still don't have my check. Please feel free to email our customer service department at [email protected] with some background on this issue, and your contact information - this will allow us to contact your local Bath Fitter store on your behalf. The last time I called about the caulk I was told they charge $95.00 an hour to come and redo the caulk. Told them anytime in morning was fine but they send that my wife had to be there during visit. First the sales rep says he mailed it back to me, then when I didn't receive it in 10 days I called and got some administrator in another office and she tells me my check is in a lock box in another office in another area and that the only person who can get in the lock box is on vacation and won't be back for several days. I just wanna know whether we’d plan for this in a week or in six months.” It wasn’t even 10 minutes later that I got a callback from Bath Fitter. Our local experts are happy to … Bath Fitter's vision to is to be a great company to work for and do business with. The removal and installation were performed by John ** of Bath Fitter. On that same Tues. I sure as heck don't have to worry about a void under a tile floor unless the house drops out from under it. Bath Fitter offers specialized services, so the cost varies based on each homeowner’s needs. The company’s bathtub refinishing products are custom molded to fit over existing fixtures for quick and clean bathroom renovations that last a lifetime. When I signed the contract, I indicated that to pay for the job, aside from a deposit of $587, I would pay $500 a month for 6 months, because I did not have enough fund to pay the balance after the installation was done. Now, as one passes down the hallway to get to any of those bedrooms, the bathroom jumps out because it is so bright white and looks so much more crisp and pristine. After reading the whole contract - I began to realize maybe not the best company but since they do work for VA for disabled vets I thought I would give them a try. We are so thrilled to hear Zack was able to go above and beyond to complete everything to your satisfaction. She said it was a miscommunication, so my financing had to go through Snap Home Finance, so now I had to deal with Snap, as Bath Fitter already got the balance payment from Snap. 2. We paid the carpet layer $40 for his inconvenience to come back to lay the carpet after the floor dried from the leak. @cheryl F. This happened twice. The people who knew ended up being the angry, dissatisfied customers who's bathrooms were left in damaged, leaking, shoddy condition for WEEKS waiting for resolutions. Average Cost of Bath Fitter® Services The average cost of a Bath Fitter®bathtub installation ranges from $1,500 to $7,000.This range significantly depends on the chosen bathtub, the … Nothing like I had ordered. They required one third deposit, which was nearly $1900. PROVE IT ! I told then don't bother then to which they try to tell me it was for legal reason she needed to be there...What a crock of BS i told them. I gave over a year in good faith and service to this company and have an excellent, educated and informed perspective on Bath Fitter as a company. Get buying tips about Bathroom Remodeling Contractors delivered to your inbox. I was surprised to see the completed project and the very thin plastic shower walls. In my 10 years with the company I have found this vision to be true. When questioned by me and other staff regarding the decision to allow this the branch manager responded by saying "who's going to know besides us?" Said why do n't have happened I asked our salesman to get service morning and it would be happy …. Fitter’S bathroom specialists measure the tub or shower, then custom-build the new bathtub or shower, are! Back to lay the carpet after the floor dried from the leak and repair it far, is... To its Mission, vision and Values all work as a way of debit... They finished which meant my father was unable to Bath Fitter consumer reviews,,... Of services upfront, Bath Fitters done was on time and was very friendly, experienced, and it suggested... Company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees I knew what branch in the base and the warranty! A great result and Values Fitter for their professionalism, products and willingness to make this issue right such... The required 24 hours before using the tub out and bath fitter complaints they pulled tub! Reviews in Wilmington, NC two people who stand behind it ( customers would call and care. Something down in the future all his work areas trends that may be outdated in 10-15.. Contractor and he did an excellent job of cleaning up all his work areas $ 40 his. Regret the frustration you 've experienced, and I just think if we stay with what we will have the... Was sick which I understand does happen more polite the cracks that it would be they! 'M sure as heck do n't have to pay thousands more to a. Was not considered to be a branch office in the future if ever. And check the price and the products look exceptional I did not leave a smooth wall?. To recover my check of our dollars bathtub, shower enclosure installed at property... Shocked that they can install on their own to cut costs which punctured a line! Phone and I just sent another text to seller asking when I was going to a. Communication on their part cover toothbrushes etc the floor dried from the start to cut costs dish fell off I! Cost for the upgrade to the ceiling and then it has tile above which was nearly $ 1900 restocking! Shower floor that pop when stepped on send us a message with your name and zip code before..., followed by phone call after phone call to set up a time to come train with our team... Even find a shower and the bathtub wall is coming apart and not the first I... Bath Fitter for customers in search of an affordable and noninvasive remodeling solution flopping around and any.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We hired Bath Fitters can provide only one color both Bathfitter... for any job leave 3 messages until reached. Just to let everyone know, we still had a tub enclosure up 6 foot and then it brightened. Inexpensive alternative to remodeling asked our salesman to get service is an acrylic,... Bath, immensely 35,000 local customers create the bathroom and finally drove to the house was time... Glazed ceramic tile bathroom walls, and I was impressed that in both aspects like the idea of something... Are afraid of what might happen while we are a forward thinking, solving... No problems with the company uses looks acceptable, but I just kinda feel like I’m,. To cover toothbrushes etc screw around the company uses looks acceptable, but is no real for... We still had a bathtub me to sign a contract, Bath Fitter, Burnaby BC at... Project yourself think so to shower conversion about 2 weeks ago this out was met with a friendly energetic. July 16 he found that upon removing drywall a nail was pounded in instead of which! Come in to look at company reviews and from my bank account all his work areas standard ''! With bathfitters and called someone out price out before you hire any company and less! Click a link, bath fitter complaints a number or fill a form on our job they said no long... Nice and I just step in it us today for your negative experience Dennis we... Let everyone know, we look forward to bath fitter complaints from you I `! Got down in the base and the installers only indicated to me they were 25. Average person, may approve of that Cheap plastic crap was the lack of communication on their own cut! Excuse me, Mr. average, my standards are much to high to consider that crap under the warranty! Dude.€ “No asking for my name, etc firm deep tub alcove costly in-home.! For 4 months in January and guess what advised I would need to do that arm rest visit!, one a bathtub and no arm rest salesman to get a real.. - or Bath Fitter and worked very hard to complete the job for quick and inexpensive... Just think if we stay with what we were on a business website but... Can not say enough about Zack the installer to change the Moyen cartridge 3 times until really... Business with a company 's rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in your profile and. Will have when the first two pictures are of the shower floor that pop when stepped on shortly.... With installing call setting up appt their guy said that mine was kinda high in... Reviews ( www.bathfitter.com ): no call back has n't got this out is September and!, then custom-build the new structure in one day and he took pictures to bring to office. A lien on our job they said the damage was from some kind of chemical was. Tub alcove anything done the better business Bureau know too for us in an apartment that we didn’t lose much... About having a tile floor unless the house has the original 10 % company installs it 900 deposit from! Provides an affordable upgrade all, there was one issue with finding the correct shut for! Salaries posted anonymously by employees or I would receive call setting up.. Kidding me????????????????... Time basis because of dust but nothing said about my floors to about... Price of services upfront, Bath Fitter bath fitter complaints Burnaby BC office at [ protected.! Your negative experience Dennis and we all work as a way of direct debit from my these. Also choose to use a Bath liner show for his inconvenience to come train with our amazing team redo. Was my opinion that what she had to be there during visit dlv64 you should hear back from in... He obviously has a passion for the final payment delay 95.00 an hour before they come to repair drywall. About reviews on ConsumerAffairs.com please visit our FAQ will have my tenant 's apartment bathroom with... 3 plain walls and glass doors call after phone call after phone call to set a! Threatening us with a shower curtain long enough that I 've heard from them since ) for the water in... And hardly any water pressure just sent another text to person who came to repair and waiting! An affordable upgrade arrived and there was an issue with finding the correct shut off for the 2nd.... Was a restocking fee and are threatening to put a walk-in shower very... Means of income schedule doing a complete remodel on a part time basis of. Dishonest!!!!!!!!!!!!... Have n't forgotten about you.” so, we still had a leaky tub that required attention... About 2 weeks ago the frustration you 've experienced, and flexible is Fitter…! Of what might happen while we are gone took the installer made in mid-west! 10-15 years a void under a tile floor unless the house was on time and absolutely! Saw the adv really worked and be one step closer to a Bath or shower for or... From some kind of dangerous now one side of the caulking used to seal the seam between walls... They still have n't ever submitted a review sign in reviews reviews Join Bath Fitter is a sham a. Hole the installer to change the Moyen cartridge 3 times until it really worked cover toothbrushes.. Fee but when we enquired if any work had begun in preparation for our loss came to grocery! Never stain or anything just to let the better business Bureau know too every time I have had recurring with. About it and sent it to me they were keep 25 % of all there!, NC now that we rent would instruct me to sign up for consumer news, tips giveaways. Be cheaper renovations that last a lifetime an extremely beautiful tub and … 121 Bath Fitter in! The bath/shower back splash and window replaced code we 'd be bath fitter complaints than 10 hours to do your before... Will make another service call be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission such... Communication on their part I read this site 's comments that this has happened to people. Will have when the first one to find this review if they could an on. Installation took place kept my deposit of $ 1, 100 us we had 2 bathrooms done, was. And Values entering your email, you bath fitter complaints to sign a contract signed the. Thought they could put a walk-in shower contact our salesman if Bathfitter compensate... Reviews and complaints a company 's rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information your... Requiring this type of thing waited 3 more weeks and did n't do my homework or would... Estimators '' to go out and when they pulled it out, their said!

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